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Notebook FavorsNotebook Favors, including notebook wedding favors, notebook baby shower favors and notebook party favors are popular year round. Guests love them because they are handy and useful, while brides and party planners love them because they are adorable and affordable. Besides, the personalization possibilities are seemingly endless. Add a personalized favor label with cute graphics plus your name(s) and a short quote or event date... And there you have a memorable favor that a guest will not throw away. practical, sensible, personal – who can ask for anything more? So go ahead and plan to use these little notebook favors, mini notebook favors or personalized notebook favors for your for your next celebration. Many brides and party hosts have done that to great satisfaction.

Personalized Love Notes White Notebook Favors
Personalized Baby Animals Notebook Favors
Personalized Baby Shower Notebook Favors - Blue
Elite Design Baby Shower Notebook Favors
Personalized Baby Shower Notebook Favors - Green
Personalized Baby Shower Notebook Favors - Pink
Personalized Notebook Favors - Jungle Safari Party Baby Animal Favors
Personalized Little Notes Notebook Favors
Thanks for Strolling By! Baby Carriage Notebook Favors Gift Set
Personalized Theme Notebook Favors
Personalized Notebook Party Favors - Beach Party
Personalized Notebook Party Favors - Cupcake Party
Elite Design Personalized Notebook Favors
MOD Monogram Personalized Notebook Favors
Personalized Notebook Party Favors - Pink Cake
Personalized Notebook Party Favors - Parisian Party
Personalized Notebook Wedding Favors - Something Blue
Personalized Notebook Bridal Shower Favors
Personalized Birthday Notebook Favors
Personalized Sweet 16 or 15 Notebooks
Personalized Fall Notebook Favors
Personalized Winter Notebook Favors
Personalized Vegas Personalized Notebooks
Personalized Graduation Notebooks
Personalized Notebook Favors
Personalized Notebook Anniversary Favors
Personalized Notebook Baby Shower Favors
Personalized Notebook Beach Favors
Personalized Bridal Shower Notebook Favors
Personalized Notebook Christening Favors
Personalized Notebook Fairy Tale Favors
Personalized Notebook Fall-Autumn Favors
Personalized Notebook Graduation Favors
Personalized Mini Notebook Wedding Favors
Personalized Notebook Sweet 16 Party Favors
Personalized Notebook Las Vegas Favors
Personalized Notebook Winter Holiday Favors
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