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Redneck Lids for Redneck Wine Glasses - Redneck Glassware Lids

Redneck Lids for Redneck Wine GlassesRedneck Lids for Redneck Wine Glasses are unique expressions of fun and creativity showcased in some of the most useful everyday items. Not solely intended for kitchen duty as caps for mason jars or shakers for mixed drinks alone, these one-of-a-kind lids go wherever redneck wine glasses from 95 and Sunny appear. After you pour wine, champange, beer, rootbeer, iced tea or any of your favorite homemade drinks in a 16 ounce or 8 ounce redneck drinking glass, simply cap your glass with one of these practical redneck lids. Your drink will be kept fresher for later. At the same time, no one will be able to sneak sips from your glass without your permission.

These hand painted lids for redneck glassware come in handy at parties of all sorts. They are simply marvelous for unobtrusively declaring individual ownerships of glasses and drinks. You may be at a boisterous mixer, but there will not be any disturbing mix-ups. There's no chance that you'll be grabbing someone else's redneck glass. Yours is clearly topped by your very own redneck lid. Clever, don't you think so?

These redneck jarware lids are sure-fire conversation pieces. As gifts to impress, they are "priceless". Who would think that such a wonderful collection of amazing redneck lids would be so affortable? Do you ever wonder what to give your favorite persons - the ones who are hard to impress? A few of these charming lids, along with a couple of the redneck glasses sporting painted stems or clear stems, will please the most discerning women or men. A cozy and homey touch of redneck every now and then will certainly spice up their lives.

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